Atlas saripati penyakit kulit edisi ke 2

Buku atlas saripati penyakit kulit edisi ke 2 sangat membantu para mahasiswa kedokteran dan petugas kesehatan lainnya untuk mengenal dan mendalami tentang penyakit kulit dan kelamin. buku ini dikemukakan jenis penyakit kulit  baru serta pengobatan terbaru.

buku ini dilengkapi juga dengan gambarnya yang khas, dengan kombinasi antara gambar dan saripati lebih memudahkan para pembaca untuk mengerti tentang penyakit kulit yang di maksud, dengan demikian akan mempermudah pengertian dan pemahaman tentang penyakit kulit.

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atlas of human anatomy- 6th edition

View anatomy from a clinical perspective with hundreds of exquisite, hand-painted illustrations created by pre-eminent medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD.

Join the global community of medical and healthcare students and professionals who rely on Netter to optimize learning and clarify even the most difficult aspects of human anatomy. Comprehensive labeling uses the international anatomic standard terminology, Terminologia Anatomica, and every aspect of the Atlas is reviewed and overseen by clinical anatomy and anatomy education experts.

Consulting Editors include: John T. Hansen, PhD; Brion Benninger, MD, MS; Jennifer Brueckner-Collins, PhD, Todd M. Hoagland, PhD, and R. Shane Tubbs, MS, PA-C, PhD.

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Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy 15 Edition

Sobotta – Atlas of Human Anatomy with online access to the exam atlas for understanding, learning, and training anatomy
The English-language Sobotta Atlas with Latin nomenclature is specifically adapted to the needs of preclinical medical students. Right from the start, the book and the Internet content concentrate on exam-relevant knowledge.
The new study concept simplifies learning-understanding-training: Descriptive legends help the student identify the most important features in the figures. Clinical examples present anatomical details in a wider context. All illustrations have been optimized, and the lettering reduced to a minimum. An additional booklet containing 100 tables on muscles and nerves supports systematic study.

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color atlas of the autopsy

Forensic pathology is a visual discipline, making images essential to properly explaining the critical process. Featuring over 500 full-color photographs, Color Atlas of the Autopsy provides unadulterated access to every probe of the autopsy procedure. As the only atlas to focus on autopsy protocol, the book introduces the process and principles of the procedure to uninitiated professionals who interact with the pathologist before, during, and after the autopsy. This incomparable guide presents an astonishing visual experience that goes beyond a demonstration to demystify the autopsy.

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