Histologi dasar junqueira teks & atlas edisi 12

Fitur utama yang terdapat pada buku ini yaitu :
. Setiap bab tercakup secara ringkas tetapi mendalam dan meliputi semua informasi histologi yang diperlukan mahasiswa bidang ilmu kesehatan.
. Jumlah gambar telah digandakan hingga lebih dari 1000 dengan tambahan teks keterangan gambar.
. Gambar dan teks keterangannya mencakup poin penting untuk mempermudah pembelajaran bab.
Mikrograf cahaya baru beifungsi sebagai atlas organ dan jaringan manusia dengan sediaan yang standar.
. Mikrograf cahaya dilengkapi sesuai kebutuhan dengan mikrograf elektron dan sediaan mikroskopik lain yang berguna tetapi tidak berlebihan.
. Gambar-gambar baru yang modern dan komprehenslf mempermudah pemahaman mikrograf tanpa detail yang tidak perlu.
Setiap topik telah direvisi sesuai kebutuhan untuk menggambarkan temuan atau interpretasi baru mengenai struktur sel dan jaringan.
. istilalh yang digunakan konsisten sepenuhnya dengan Terminologia Histologica yang baru: Terminologi Internasional untuk Sitologi dan Histologi Manusia dan dengan penggunaan standar pada ilmu dasar dan ilmu klinis.

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Atlas berwarna histologi edisi kelima

Atlas ini merupakan atlas yang telah digunakan secara terus menerus sejak adanya terbitan pertama yang dalam bentuk hitam dan putih pada tahun 1987 sehingga mendorong kami untuk mengubah judulnya, menyajikan kembali semua gambar dalam bentuk berwarna. Atlas ini tersedia bagi mahasiswa di situs lipincott williams dan dapat diakses dari mana saja di dunia melalui jaringan internet . atlas online yang berisi setiap fotomikrogaf dan mikrograf elektron yang disertai dengan legenda pada atlas tersebut .

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diFiore’s Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins))

diFiore’s Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations, Eleventh Edition, explains basic histology concepts through full-color, schematic illustrations. These illustrations are supplemented by more than 450 digitized full-color online photomicrographs of histological images. Part One explains tissues and their relationship to their systems; Part Two addresses organs in a similar way.

Targeting undergraduate, allied health and first and second year medical students, the Eleventh Edition includes new and enhanced images through redrawing and digitization to provide increased detail. This edition also features updated illustrations and information on the functions of cells, tissues, and organs of the body based on advances in research and expert recommendations.

The atlas’ student-friendly “Functional Correlations” sections help students study structure and function together. Students also benefit from a “realistic” perspective as more than 70 micrographs appear adjacent to color illustrations.

A companion Website offers student and instructor versions of diFiore’s Interactive Atlas with all of the images from the book.

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di flores- atlas of histology with functional correlations

Major changes in format, binding, contents, and the introduction of functional correlations characterized the seventh edition of this atlas.

These change were welcomed and acclaimed by both students and instructors of histology. The publication of the eighth edition of the Atlas of Histology brings additional changes designed to further improve the use and versatility of this atlas.

Histologic structures must first be recognized under a microscope and then correctly interpreted. To this end, the most noticeable changes in this edition are the replacement of older figures with 47 new illustrations and text.

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bancrofts- theory and practice of histological techniques

You are familiar with earlier editions of Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques. So, you may be
wondering ‘What’s all this about? Why the name change?’ As the only author contributing to this new edition who also contributed to the first edition, and as someone originally recruited by the eponymous John Bancroft and his then co-editor Alan Stevens, it falls to me to offer an explanation.

It is simple enough. John has now pulled back into a more hands-off editorial role. Yet his energy and persistence over many years are the key to this publishin  seven editions of a technical manual, continuously in print for 35 years, wow! So Churchill

Livingstone Elsevier, the publishers, wish to celebrate John’s part in the success of this world- renowned text from its origins to this new edition, both as editor and contributor. Moreover, the successive editions of this remarkable book were, for much of the time.

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BRS- Cell biology & histology

We were very pleased with the reception of the fifth edition of this book, as well as with the many favorable comments we received from students who used it in preparation for the USMLE Step 1 or as an outline and study guide for their histology and/or cell biology courses in professional schools or undergraduate colleges.

All of the chapters have been revised and updated to incorporate current information, and we have attempted to refine the content of the text to present material emphasized on National Board Examinations as succinctly as possible while still retaining the emphasis on the relationship between cell structure and function through the vehicle of cell and molecular biology.

A tremendous amount of material has been compressed into a concise but highly comprehensive presentation, using
some new and revised illustrations. The relevancy of cell biology and histology to clinical practice is illustrated by the presence of clinical considerations within each chapter as appropriate.

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