The increasing interest in Forensic Medicine throughout the world is no doubt a result of the global rise in both crime and litigation. The advancement of the academic as well as the popular aspects of the subject have led to the continuing success of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine.

The causes and effects of homicides, suicides and accidents and the abuse of drugs and poisons are broadly the same wherever a Forensic Practitioner works. While no single textbook can be expected to record and report all of the possible legal permutations, it is hoped that this twelfth edition of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine, written from a broad perspective but with a firm attachment to British and European law, will serve as a useful basis for Forensic Practitioners working within any legal system. To this end, the book has been completely re-written, and new photographs and diagrams have been included to elucidate and expand the text, and, particularly, to clarify significant forensic points.

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