Richard s snell- clinical neuranatomy 7 edition

Basic Neuroanatomy. This section provides basic information on neuroanatomical structures that are of clinical importance. Numerous examples of normal radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, and PET scans are also provided. Many cross-sectional diagrams have been included to stimulate students to think in terms of three-dimensional anatomy, which is so important in the interpretation of CT scans and MRI images.

Clinical Notes. This section provides the practical application of neuroanatomical facts that are essential in clinical practice. It emphasizes the structures that the physician will encounter when making a diagnosis and treating a patient. It also provides the information necessary to understand many procedures and techniques and notes the anatomical “pitfalls” commonly encountered. Clinical Problem Solving.

This section provides the student with many examples of clinical situations in which a knowledge of neuroanatomy is necessary to solve clinical problems and to institute treatment; solutions to the problems are provided at the end of the chapter.

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vishram singh- clinical neuroanatomy second edition

To ensure that students develop an interest in neuroanatomy, this book is written in simple language with rational ideas and correlation of theoretical knowledge to clinical problems. Further the text is profusely illustrated which makes it easier for students to understand the subject and correlate their knowledge rather than merely memorizing
the information.

As a teacher of Anatomy, I am emphatic that nothing stimulates the students more than discussing clinical applications of neuroanatomy. Therefore theoretical details, not of much clinical relevance have been skipped; on the other hand emphasis is given on problem-based learning (PBL). Clinical comments (screened in light pink) are inserted in the running text itself to emphasize the clinical significance of every segment of the text. Patient-oriented problems and their anatomical basis are presented at the end of each chapter.

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