the complete idiot guide to total nutrition

New edition gives readers even more food lists and cooking recipes, an all new “Restaurant Survival Guide, ” and new chapters covering the special needs of readers with diabetes and cardiac diseaseThe Complete Idiot’s Guide “RM” to Total Nutrition, Third Edition gives readers everything they need to eat and live healthy.
In this revised edition, esteemed nutritionist and lecturer Joy Bauer offers the latest nutritional advice based on new research studies and areas of growing interest in the field of nutrition. This newly revised edition will include: a discussion of the Mediterranean food pyramid vs.
the traditional food pyramid; a list of foods that are complex vs. simple carbohydrates; new findings linking kidney stones to protein and sodium intake; updated chapter on antioxidants, based on new research findings; updated cookbook library with new recipes; “Restaurant Survival Guide” will be changed to rate entrees as either “Avoid or Include, ” based on overall nutritional value rather than the current “Low Fat or High Fat” rating; a new chapter covering the special needs of diabetics; and, a new chapter covering the special needs of those with cardiac disease.