MRCP part ll Mock test with slides

We are happy to launch our first MRCP part II mock with slides. A total of 20 questions were written, but with many sub-questions making a total of 66 questions. I’m greatly thankful to the online eye atlas for their wonderful slides
( Gradually will launch and publish many Mock  papers. Please visit us on regular basis to update your questions.

Our objective was not to make small bofs followed by 2-3 pages of explanation for each one. Please read textbooks to enrich you knowledge. Notice that each question has a certain lesson to learn from. The idea was not to “write” certain common scenarios, but to enlighten you about the diverse lines of clinical medicine. These bofs were written for teaching purposes only, not to blindly imitating the MRCP examination. Certain terms and syndromes were deliberately not explained in order to make you read about them in textbooks.

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