MRCP2 practice questions-book 3

This 3 book series provides practice questions with extensive explanations to aid candidates preparing for the examination. The authors arc all clinicians writing sections in their chosen fields and as such have been chosen for their clear understanding of the required knowledge base for this important exam. The breadth of knowledge for this exam is vast and they have attempted to cover the ‘syllabus’ as completely as possible.

Great care has been taken to explain areas that cause difficulty as thoroughly as possible. No apology is made where the format of the questions differs slightly from the exam. These books are not merely practice papers but educational aids and where a topic can be best explained by diversion from the strict format of the exam, for the sake of understanding, this has been done.

This book covers haematology ,neurology ,ophthalmology and rheumatology and is best taken – in concert with its colleagues within the series -as a supplement to a thorough clinical grounding, the general medical texts and the core clinical journals.

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