textbook of medical parasitology seventh edition

The current edition of this book is written in a new user-friendly format in contrast to the classic narrative style of Dr. Paniker’s Textbook of Medical Parasitology that has served medical students and teachers for more than 25 years since 1988.

Considering the advancement in the field of Parasitology, I have updated the text thoroughly , incorporating the recent epidemiological data and new diagnostic methods especially the molecular techniques and current treatment modalities. Almost all chapters have been revised and few new chapters like Pnemocystis jirovecil, Microsporidia, and Balantidium coli are added.

The main emphasis of the current edition is to make the text more comprehensive, colorful, and student-friendly. Diagrams of life cycle have been redrawn in a manner to facilitate the students reproduce them during examinations. Several new tables, flowcharts, and easy-to-remember boxes are given to equip the students for better answering of theory and oral questions during examinations. More microscopic view pictures, photographs of specimens, and diagnostic images have been added in a manner to favor better visible impressions of parasitic diseases. I have included “Key points” of important parasites in box formats to highlight “must know facts” that are pertinent to the topic.

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