pretest pathophysiology

Testing your knowledge by answering the pathophysiology questions in this book serves as a competition in which you compete against yourself for the satisfaction of doing well.

It’s a great feeling when you know the answers to difficult medical questions. It reflects well on your ability to learn the material in medical school, and it’s a signal that you’re prepared for the certifying examinations. This competition also can increase your knowledge base, as any competition sharpens your skills. That is an impor- tant part of testing ourselves.

When we don’t know an answer, it’s an opportunity to look it up in a “big book” of internal medicine and improve our understanding of the topic.

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pathophysiology of heart disease- sixth edition

This textbook is a comprehensive introduction to diseases o the cardiovascular system. Although excellent cardiology reference books are available, their encyclopedic content can overwhelm the beginning student. There ore, this text was created to serve as a simplifed bridge between courses in basic physiology and the care o patients in clinical settings. It is intended to help medical students and physicians-in-training orm a solid oundation to knowledge of diseases o the heart and circulation and is designed to be read in its entiretyduring standard courses in cardiovascular pathophysiology.

Emphasis has been placed on the basic mechanisms by which cardiac illnesses develop, in order to acilitate subsequent in depth study o clinical diagnosis and therapy.The original motivation or writing this book was the need or such a text voiced by our medical students, as well as their desire to participate in its creation and direction.
Consequently, the book’s development is unusual in that it represents a close collaboration between Harvard medical students and cardiology aculty, who shared in the writing and editing o the manuscript. The goal o this pairing was to ocus the subject matter on the needs  the student, while providing the expertise o our aculty members.

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