Tata Laksana Berbagai Keadaan Gawat Darurat Pada Anak

Berbagai keadaan kegawatdaruratan pada anak seringkali kita hadapi dalam
praktek klinis sehari-hari. Kegawatdaruratan ini dapat terjadi di semua cabang
ilmu kesehatan anak. Masyarakat saat ini bersikap semakin kritis terhadap
praktik profesi kedokteran. Oleh sebab itu kita harus senantiasa meningkatkan
dan memperbarui kompetensi dalam menangani berbagai masalah medis pada
Melalui penyelenggaraan Pendidikan Kedokteran Berkelanjutan (PKB) IKA
LXIV dengan tema Tata Laksana Berbagai Keadaan Gawat Darurat pada
Anak, Departemen Ilmu Kesehatan Anak FKUI-RSCM berusaha memfasilitasi
proses pengembangan profesionalitas berkelanjutan, khususnya di penanganan
kegawatdaruratan di bidang pediatri.

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Pedoman Pelayanan Medis Ikatan Dokter Indonesia

Pedoman pelayan medis IDAI disusun dengan mengacu kepada perkembangan ilmu dan teknologi kedokteran, sehingga PPM dapat digunakan sebagai panduan oleh dokter spesialis anak dalam menyelenggarakan praktek kedokteran.

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Buku Saku Pelayanan Kesehatan Anak di Rumah Sakit

Buku saku pelayanan kesehatan anak di rumah sakit merupakan buku acuan untuk penatalaksanaan pasien anak di rumah sakit. Buku ini menjadi rujukan nasional untuk penatalaksanaan pasien anak. Buku ini membahas berbagai penyakit pada anak dan bagaimana penatalaksanaannya di rumah sakit. Buku ini sangat bermanfaat bagi tenaga medis yang menghadapi pasien anak di praktik sehari-hari.

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Nelson Textbook Of Pediatrics 19th Edition

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics has been the world’s most trusted pediatrics resource for nearly 75 years. Drs. Robert Kliegman, Bonita Stanton, Richard Behrman, and two new editors – Drs. Joseph St. Geme and Nina Schor – continue to provide the most authoritative coverage of the best approaches to care. This streamlined new edition covers the latest on genetics, neurology, infectious disease, melamine poisoning, sexual identity and adolescent homosexuality, psychosis associated with epilepsy, and more. Best of all, the expanded online access at Expert Consult features the full text, case studies, new references and journal articles, Clinics articles, and exclusive web-only content so that you get even more out of this invaluable reference.

  • Understand the principles of therapy and which drugs and dosages to prescribe for every disease.
  • Locate key content easily and identify clinical conditions quickly thanks to a full-color design and full-color photographs.
  • Access the fully searchable text online at www.expertconsult.com, along with abundant case studies, new references and journal articles, Clinics articles, and exclusive web-only content.
  • Stay current on recent developments and hot topics such as melamine poisoning, long-term mechanical ventilation in the acutely ill child, sexual identity and adolescent homosexuality, age-specific behavior disturbances, and psychosis associated with epilepsy.
  • Tap into substantially enhanced content with world-leading clinical and research expertise from two new editors―Joseph St. Geme, III, MD and Nina Schor, MD―who contribute on the key subspecialties, including pediatric infectious disease and pediatric neurology.
  • Manage the transition to adult healthcare for children with chronic diseases through discussions of the overall health needs of patients with congenital heart defects, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis.
  • Recognize, diagnose, and manage genetic conditions more effectively using an expanded section that covers these diseases, disorders, and syndromes extensively.
  • Find information on chronic and common dermatologic problems more easily with a more intuitive reorganization of the section.

Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics continues to provide THE BEST pediatric information with expanded premium multimedia features, extensively revised content, and two new editors.

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Ghai- essential pediatrics eight edition

For over three decades Ghai Essential Pediatrics has been the subcontinent’s most widely trusted resource for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in pediatrics. With contributions from more than 30 national and international experts, the eighth edition is thoroughly revised to ensure that the reader has access to up-to-date information on the diagnosis and therapy.

Continued emphasis on recognition and management of common pediatric conditions,Liberal use of algorithms integrating strategies for evaluation and management , Comprehensive tables highlighting important differential diagnoses and management, Thoroughly revised chapters on fluid and electrolyte disturbances, infections, diseases of gastrointestinal system, nutrition, malignancies, disorders of cardiovascular system and inborn errors of metabolism, Reorganized and revised chapters on immunization, newborn infants, disorders of kidney and urinary tract, rational drug therapy and medical procedures.

Presents fresh perspectives with multiple new contributing authors Accompanying CD provides resource of clinical photographs, radiographs and algorithms to enhance learning and also support teaching.

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