Ganongs review of medical physiology 23rd edition

Key Features of the 23rd Edition of Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology

• Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest research and developments in important areas such as the cellular basis of neurophysiology
• Incorporates examples from clinical medicine throughout the chapters to illustrate important physiologic concepts
• Delivers more detailed, clinically-relevant, high-yield information per page than any similar text or review
• NEW full-color illustrations—the authors have worked with an outstanding team of medical illustrators, photographers, educators, and students to provide an unmatched collection of 600 illustrations and tables
• NEW boxed clinical cases—featuring examples of diseases that illustrate important physiologic principles
• NEW high-yield board review questions at the end of each chapter
• NEW larger 81⁄2 X 11” trim-size enhances the rich visual content
• NEW companion online learning center ( offers a wealth of innovative learning tools and illustrations

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Islamic Bioethics : The Art of Decision Making

In Islam, bioethical decision-making is carried out within a framework of values derived from the revelation and tradition. Islamic bioethics or Islamic medical ethics are referring to Islamic guidance on ethics and moral issues related to medical and scientific fields, especially those dealing with human, based from the Quran and Hadith.

In Islam, human is one of the most sacred creatures of God. Therefore, he/she must be appreciated, respected and well protected. Apparently, Muslim doctors have always been facing dilemmas on bioethical decision making during their practices. There are so many conflicting issues coming from multiple points of views such as discipline, legal, ethical, sharia, social, cultural and financial aspects. Muslim doctors should answer the dilemmas on each diagnosis and treatment intervention by having a good decision making as their first step.

By implementing Islamic framework on bioethical decision making, guided by sharia which includes Quran, Hadith, Ijma, and Qiyas, it is expected that this framework will be able to assist Moslem doctors to solve their dilemmas in this world and in the hereafter. A triangulation framework known as islamic bioethics consisting of triangle I and triangle II will ease Moslem doctors to have the final decision for their daily medical practices. These triangle framework will be powerfull in use if combined with Prima Facie approach and a five-digit approach.

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Buku saku pelayanan kesehatan anak dirumah sakit

Buku saku pelayanan kesehatan anak di rumah sakit merupakan buku acuan untuk penatalaksanaan pasien anak di rumah sakit. Buku ini menjadi rujukan nasional untuk penatalaksanaan pasien anak. Buku ini membahas berbagai penyakit pada anak dan bagaimana penatalaksanaannya di rumah sakit. Buku ini sangat bermanfaat bagi tenaga medis yang menghadapi pasien anak di praktik sehari-hari.

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the ICD 10 classification of mental and behavioural disorders

(ICD-10) (9). Converting diagnostic criteria into diagnostic algorithms incorporated in the assessment instruments was useful in uncovering inconsistencies, ambiguities and overlap and allowing their removal. The work on refining the ICD-10 also helped to shape the assessment instruments. The final result was a clear set of criteria for ICD-10 and assessment instruments which can produce data necessary for the classification of disorders according to the criteria included in Chapter V(F) of ICD-10.

Many individuals and organizations have contributed to the production of the classification of mental and behavioural disorders in ICD-10 and to the development of the texts that accompany it. The field trials of the ICD-10 proposals, for example, involved researchers and clinicians in some 40 countries; it is clearly impossible to present a complete list of all those who participated in this effort. What follows is a mention of individuals and agencies whose contributions were central to the creation of the documents composing the ICD-10 family of classifications and guidelines.

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Biokimia harper edisi 27

Tujuan dari biokimia adalah untuk menjelaskan dan menerangkan semua proses kimiawi sel hidup dalam istilah molekular . pengetahuan biokimia penting bagi semua ilmu pengetahuan tentang kehidupan.hubungan antara biokimia dan kedokteran telah merangsang kemajuan yang saling menguntungkan.

kemajuan yang bermakna dalam biokimia yang penting dalam bidang kedokteran terus di tekankan. buku ini dibagi menjadi enam bagian utama yang meliputi ; tentang asam amino , mengulas aspek komunikasi ekstrasel dan intrasel, mendiskusikan tentang sepuluh topik terentu dan sebagainya.

banyak pengetahuan yang mendalam tentang biokimia yang bisa kita dapatkan dari buku ini terutama bagi kalangan kedokteran , dan isinya sangat lengkap.

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Langman’s Medical Embryology 9th Edition

The ninth edition of Langman’s Medical Embryology adheres to the tradition

established by the original publication—it provides a concise but thorough de-
scription of embryology and its clinical significance, an awareness of which is

essential in the diagnosis and prevention of birth defects. Recent advances in ge-
netics, developmental biology, maternal-fetal medicine, and public health have

significantly increased our knowledge of embryology and its relevance. Because
birth defects are the leading cause of infant mortality and a major contributor to

disabilities, and because new prevention strategies have been developed, under-
standing the principles of embryology is important for health care professionals.

To accomplish its goal, Langman’s Medical Embryology retains its unique ap-
proach of combining an economy of text with excellent diagrams and scanning

electron micrographs. It reinforces basic embryologic concepts by providing
numerous clinical examples that result from abnormalities in developmental
processes. The following pedagogic features and updates in the ninth edition
help facilitate student learning

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Last,s anatomy regional and applied

For the first time in its publication history all the illustrations in the previous (eleventh) edition of
Last’s Anatomy appeared in full colour. This development transformed the illustrations and received
very favourable readership response.

In the light of such evaluation the publication of a twelfth edition has provided the opportunity to augment the illustrations in the book by the inclusion of new photographs depicting anatomy of clinical, endoscopic and surgical relevance and additional photographs of prosections. Where necessary the colour, tone, shade and contrast of existing illustrations have been enhanced. Colour consistency for related structures has been maintained throughout to ensure ease of cross-reference from one illustration to another.

The text has been wholly reviewed and refinements made where required in the interests of relevance and readability. The anatomy of surgical approaches has been updated in the light of the continuing evolution of surgical practice, advances in laparoscopic surgery and the increasing scope of minimal access procedures.

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langman medical embriology 12 th edition

Every student will be affected by pregnancy, either their mother’s, since what happens in the womb does not, necessarily, stay in the womb, or by someone else’s.

As health care professionals you will often encounter women of childbearing age who may be pregnant, or you may have children of your own, or maybe it is a friend who is pregnant. In any case, pregnancy and childbirth are relevant to all of us, and unfortunately, these processes often culminate in nega tive outcomes.

For example, 50% of all embryos are spontaneously aborted. Further more, prematurity and birth defects are the leading causes of infant mortality and major contributors to disabilities. Fortunately, new strategies can improve pregnancy outcomes, and health care professionals have a major role to play in implementing these initiatives.

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murray-medical microbiology

Our knowledge about microbiology and immunology is constantly growing, and by building a good foundation
of understanding in the beginning, it will be much easier to understand the advances of the future. Medical microbiology can be a bewildering field for the novice. We are faced with many questions when learningn microbiology: How do I learn all the names? Which infectious agents cause which diseases? Why? When? Who is at risk? Is there a treatment? However, all these concerns can be reduced to one essential question: What information do I need to know that will help me understand how to diagnose and treat an infected patient?

Certainly, there are a number of theories about what a student needs to know and how to teach it, which supposedly
validates the plethora of microbiology textbooks that have flooded the bookstores in recent years. Although we do not
claim to have the one right approach to teaching medical microbiology (there is truly no one perfect approach to
medical education), we have founded the revisions of this  textbook on our experience gained through years of teaching medical students, residents, and infectious disease fellows, as well as on the work devoted to the seven previous editions.

We have tried to present the basic concepts of medical microbiology clearly and succinctly in a manner that addresses different types of learners.

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Differential diagnosis in clinical medicine

Every book is meant to bring concept to those who care to read them. Books on medical subjects are vast in number and every author strives to fill a need that he himself has felt. Some authors achieve this objective, but others, their intentions though are genuine meander into a dreary desert of words. Prof R Deenadayalan MD (Gen Med) has made a serious attempt in trying to help a hard pressed medical student by presenting him with a work based on two decades of experience superimposed on those of his teachers.

Thus, a simple but a very useful glossary of differential diagnosis of clinical signs and entities has been created. Though this cannot replace a formal textbook, it will serve as a ready reckoner to the beleaguered medical student who labors under an ever increasing load of information and changing priorities.

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